Expert Pilot Ribbon

$ 3.75

The mark of an ace pilot in the making, this ribbon is awarded for attaining exceptional scores during a flight training or qualification course.  This award is prized by graduates of military academies that offer air, space, or subterranean flight programs, signifying excellence in piloting performance in their craft of choice.  The awarding institution may set its own score requirements for this award, but it should not be a minimum requirement for flight clearance.  Recipients of this award have a bright future ahead of them in the field of aviation, and are often recruited into the ranks of prestigious naval squadrons or offered placement in more advanced flight training programs.

The ribbon consists of a centralized yellow bold stripe bordered by smaller stripes of charcoal, which are in turn bordered by stripes of dark green and a more medium green.


OOC Disclaimer: This gaming merchandise is not an official award of any real-world military.  This award is not intended specifically for any particular individual, guild, organization, game, or genre, but is available for any who wish to include it in their gaming cosplay or to award to others.

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Make sure to pick up a Ribbon Mounting Rack to be able to wear them!  The ribbons are made to slide onto a rack, not attach directly.

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