Challenge Coin Acrylic Display

$ 115.00

A challenge coin, embedded in or appended to an acrylic display to represent participation in or support of Operation Pitchfork, the plan to invade Vanduul space to celebrate the end of the beta period in Star Citizen.  You can order a challenge coin either embedded in an acrylic display, or if you'd like a cheaper option is can be affixed to the outside.  Coin IS included with this item.

Embedded: Coin is inside the acrylic (Sold out, email to express interest)

Affixed: Coin is attached to the outside with a clear epoxy, nearly invisible.

Both variants have the following text:

"For the defense of life and liberty, we, the free and independent citizens of humanity, declare our intent to carry out Operation Pitchfork, a coordinated strike to end the unwarranted Vanduul slaughter of humanity started at the colony of Armitage and continued every day since."

                                                - Anonymous. 17 October 2943


For more about Operation Pitchfork, check out the website at, Facebook page at, or the original post on the RSI forums!

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