Recruiter Ribbon

$ 3.75

For service to their organization by helping it grow, the Recruiter ribbon is awarded to servicemen who take on the added responsibility of seeking and evaluating new members, as well as making judgement calls on their suitability.  Recruiters may also be available as resources to help new members to integrate into the group.  Organizations may set their own criteria that this new recruit must meet before the recruiter qualifies for this award, but a standard of quality should be upheld.  Servicemen will always come and go, and organizations will only thrive if they maintain a healthy inflow of new, quality members, facilitated by these recruiters.

A wide black stripe in the center covers most of the ribbon, bordered by thin stripes of royal blue, silver, and charcoal.


OOC Disclaimer: This gaming merchandise is not an official award of any real-world military.  This award is not intended specifically for any particular individual, guild, organization, game, or genre, but is available for any who wish to include it in their gaming cosplay or to award to others.

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Make sure to pick up a Ribbon Mounting Rack to be able to wear them!  The ribbons are made to slide onto a rack, not attach directly.

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