OPPF Service Ribbon

$ 3.00

Military service ribbon for participation in or support of Operation Pitchfork, the plan to invade Vanduul space to celebrate the end of the beta period in Star Citizen.

The ribbon consists of a centralized gold stripe, separated from Maroon on the left and light blue on the right by two bands of red bordered on both sides by thin white stripes.

OOC Disclaimer: This gaming merchandise is not an official award of any real-world military.  It is not restricted for wearing by anyone and may be freely added to any military gaming award system or cosplay.

Goes with the OPPF Service Medal (sold separately)

This ribbon comes with a 1-ribbon slider bar if purchased without any other ribbons.

See more general gaming awards OR Create your own!

For more about Operation Pitchfork, check out the website at www.operationpitchfork.com, Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/OperationPitchfork/, or the original post on the RSI forums!

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