Marksmanship Ribbon

$ 3.75

A cut above basic weapon proficiency, the Marksmanship Ribbon is awarded for attaining exceptional scores during a weapons qualification course or re-certification.  Criteria for the award will vary by weapon, course, and division, but high marks in accuracy and efficiency are most common among required scores.  Recipients of this award qualify for review for additional marksmanship courses and sniper training within some institutions.  This award should not be considered a minimum requirement for basic weapon qualification, but rather an aspiration for dedicated marksmen.

A wide red stripe in the center is bordered by thin stripes of gold, surrounded by a band of charcoal on each side.


OOC Disclaimer: This gaming merchandise is not an official award of any real-world military.  This award is not intended specifically for any particular individual, guild, organization, game, or genre, but is available for any who wish to include it in their gaming cosplay or to award to others.

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Make sure to pick up a Ribbon Mounting Rack to be able to wear them!  The ribbons are made to slide onto a rack, not attach directly.

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