Long Service Ribbon

$ 3.75

An indicator of loyalty, dedication, and experience, the Long Service ribbon is awarded for an amount of active service time as required by the wearer's individual branch or organization to qualify for such recognition.  The time required to earn this award will differ depending on the institution presenting it, but all wearers of this award have demonstrated their commitment through long-standing service to their unit, guild, division, or organization.

The ribbon is a black base with four faded blue stripes inter-spaced, leaving a larger black stripe in the center.


OOC Disclaimer: This gaming merchandise is not an official award of any real-world military.  This award is not intended specifically for any particular individual, guild, organization, game, or genre, but is available for any who wish to include it in their gaming cosplay or to award to others.

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Make sure to pick up a Ribbon Mounting Rack to be able to wear them!  The ribbons are made to slide onto a rack, not attach directly.

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