New Ribbons and Commissions December 14 2015, 0 Comments

The new ribbons are in and look good, I just need to do some mounting work on them.  The backing is not what it is supposed to be, so the correct backing pieces are in the mail and I will be assembling them by hand and shipping them out as soon as I can.  Apologies for the delay!

Commissions are open for anyone who wants to have customized ribbons, medals, patches, coins, pins, whatever for your organization whether it be in Star Citizen, another Sci-Fi, or even another genre.  Any game, any reason, commissions are open!  Multiple options available for payment and pricing, and I will make sure all options are available to you.  I have already produced a batch of patches for the UEE Naval Reserves, and some products for The Corporation are in production right now.  Hit the Contact Us page for info on how to get in touch with me and to get this process started!