Open for merchandise customization! October 31 2015, 0 Comments

It's been a few months in planning this, but I'm ready to open up commissioned items for other orgs and guilds across Star Citizen and beyond.  If you want to get custom-made awards, medals, pins, patches, anything for your organization, whether SC-oriented or not, I would be happy to get that organized and handled for you!  I just need to know what you would like, any necessary design or art, size, etc, then I'll check with my suppliers to find the best deal for you and make sure all the details are confirmed and approved by you before I finalize the order.  The distribution can be handled in one of three ways:

1. If you would like to distribute the merchandise to your org yourself, I can get the merchandise made and shipped directly to the address of your choice, then you are free to distribute them as you see fit.

2. I can post the merchandise on my store for your members to purchase on an individual basis, and I will handle packaging and distribution per order.  I would then send you a majority of each sale to reimburse the initial cost of the merchandise.  You have the option of setting a profit margin for yourself if you so choose.

3. You can take donations and reservations from your membership to fund the manufacturing, and when the merchandise cost is funded, I can host it on my store for minimal cost (sometimes less than a dollar) for your members to purchase.  Again, I'll handle packaging and distribution for each order.

Please note: If your design uses CIG logos or anything that could lead to copyright infringement, I can still get it made for you and sent to you, but I cannot list it on my store for legal reasons.  Also keep in mind that most items will have a minimum order requirement, as single or small orders can be very expensive.

To inquire, place an order, or get a quote, check my contact details on the Contact Us page.  (It's the royal 'Us' since I'm the only one here XD)