Coin Display Options are up! June 09 2015, 1 Comment

Sorry for being absent lately, work has been picking up as the summer neared.  But in the meantime I have finally managed to get display options into the store.  The Velvet Coin Box and Acrylic Displays are available for pre-order.  The acrylics are expensive, though, so I wanted to clarify how those will work.  There is currently no picture for the acrylics, just a generic placeholder of a similar item, but photos will be put up as soon as they are in.  I will then get in touch with anyone who pre-ordered and make sure it meets their approval before sending.  If not, pre-orders can be canceled at any time for a full refund.  The cost of the acrylics include the coin embedded or affixed, and no purchase of an individual coin is necessary.  Prices on the acrylics are subject to change, but if they go down, the difference will be refunded to anyone who pre-ordered.  If they go up, original prices will be honored for orders placed before the price change.

The velvet coin box is sized for the challenge coin and is a much better way of storing and displaying it than the plastic PVC that comes with them.  These have been requested for a while, so I'm sorry they didn't come sooner.

Please direct any questions about anything at all to  Thanks for your support!