Coins are on order, Pins in progress, and looking to the future December 04 2014, 0 Comments

We are moving forward with new products for the store!  The latest to go on order from manufacturing is the challenge coin that everyone has been asking about for a while.  Well, it is coming!  Pre-order is now up at $6.50 per coin.  I am also working on an order for Hat/Lapel pins, which should also be hitting pre-order status soon!  Pictures will be updated when the proofs come in.


The gift for CIG should be going out this month, hopefully reaching them before Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who threw in a little extra to help fund that!  Your support is greatly appreciated!


I have in my mind a little bit of an ambition to expand what I am doing with this in 2015.  I am thinking about taking the additional award ribbons and medals and instead of making them specifically for Pitchfork, designing and describing them for the Star Citizen community and possibly other games, turning this into a full-fledged (small) business.  I could also open the market to guilds or other organizations and events that want their own ribbons for their members.  This is all still in the concept phase, but I am excited about the possibilities of seeing players with ribbon racks.  Fingers crossed that I can get that to work!