Patch Update and Gift to CIG September 05 2014, 0 Comments

Patches are coming along well!  Only a week and they are already the top selling item in the store!  Proofs are in for four of them, with a fifth on the way.  Still need some interest in the rest before I feel comfortable ordering them in full quantity.  If they don't get the interest they need, I'll drop the quantity a bit, but keep the price the same.


Also, I'm prepping the gift for CIG Santa Monica, and have put up a 'donation' item in the store for anyone that wants to contribute to that.  You can find that here, and donate however much you feel like!  I'll match 50% of the donations until the gift is fully funded (Shirts, medals, ribbons, and patches for 43 people).


Thanks everyone for the support so far!  Pitchfork store isn't going anywhere but forward!