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New Hand-Forged items by TrItOn! June 04 2016, 1 Comment

OPPF member TrItOn of Enchanted Circle Metals has taken upon himself to hand-forge a batch of OPPF hat pins and key rings for addition to the store!  They look really nice and are currently available for purchase!  Belt buckles coming soon from TrItOn as well!

You can check out Enchanted Circle Metals at www.enchantedcirclemetals.com if you have any metalworking needs!

New Ribbons and Commissions December 14 2015, 0 Comments

The new ribbons are in and look good, I just need to do some mounting work on them.  The backing is not what it is supposed to be, so the correct backing pieces are in the mail and I will be assembling them by hand and shipping them out as soon as I can.  Apologies for the delay!

Commissions are open for anyone who wants to have customized ribbons, medals, patches, coins, pins, whatever for your organization whether it be in Star Citizen, another Sci-Fi, or even another genre.  Any game, any reason, commissions are open!  Multiple options available for payment and pricing, and I will make sure all options are available to you.  I have already produced a batch of patches for the UEE Naval Reserves, and some products for The Corporation are in production right now.  Hit the Contact Us page for info on how to get in touch with me and to get this process started!

Open for merchandise customization! October 31 2015, 0 Comments

It's been a few months in planning this, but I'm ready to open up commissioned items for other orgs and guilds across Star Citizen and beyond.  If you want to get custom-made awards, medals, pins, patches, anything for your organization, whether SC-oriented or not, I would be happy to get that organized and handled for you!  I just need to know what you would like, any necessary design or art, size, etc, then I'll check with my suppliers to find the best deal for you and make sure all the details are confirmed and approved by you before I finalize the order.  The distribution can be handled in one of three ways:

1. If you would like to distribute the merchandise to your org yourself, I can get the merchandise made and shipped directly to the address of your choice, then you are free to distribute them as you see fit.

2. I can post the merchandise on my store for your members to purchase on an individual basis, and I will handle packaging and distribution per order.  I would then send you a majority of each sale to reimburse the initial cost of the merchandise.  You have the option of setting a profit margin for yourself if you so choose.

3. You can take donations and reservations from your membership to fund the manufacturing, and when the merchandise cost is funded, I can host it on my store for minimal cost (sometimes less than a dollar) for your members to purchase.  Again, I'll handle packaging and distribution for each order.

Please note: If your design uses CIG logos or anything that could lead to copyright infringement, I can still get it made for you and sent to you, but I cannot list it on my store for legal reasons.  Also keep in mind that most items will have a minimum order requirement, as single or small orders can be very expensive.

To inquire, place an order, or get a quote, check my contact details on the Contact Us page.  (It's the royal 'Us' since I'm the only one here XD)

Coin Display Options are up! June 09 2015, 1 Comment

Sorry for being absent lately, work has been picking up as the summer neared.  But in the meantime I have finally managed to get display options into the store.  The Velvet Coin Box and Acrylic Displays are available for pre-order.  The acrylics are expensive, though, so I wanted to clarify how those will work.  There is currently no picture for the acrylics, just a generic placeholder of a similar item, but photos will be put up as soon as they are in.  I will then get in touch with anyone who pre-ordered and make sure it meets their approval before sending.  If not, pre-orders can be canceled at any time for a full refund.  The cost of the acrylics include the coin embedded or affixed, and no purchase of an individual coin is necessary.  Prices on the acrylics are subject to change, but if they go down, the difference will be refunded to anyone who pre-ordered.  If they go up, original prices will be honored for orders placed before the price change.

The velvet coin box is sized for the challenge coin and is a much better way of storing and displaying it than the plastic PVC that comes with them.  These have been requested for a while, so I'm sorry they didn't come sooner.

Please direct any questions about anything at all to arbitrarysketch@gmail.com.  Thanks for your support!

Coins and Patches are in! January 18 2015, 3 Comments

And they look great!  I am getting those packaged as we speak and will be shipping them this week.  A new batch of T-Shirts will be coming in from CustomInk, which will consist of the ones I need to finish the gift to CIG, so I will finally be able to get that shipped!  Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to that!

Coins are on order, Pins in progress, and looking to the future December 04 2014, 0 Comments

We are moving forward with new products for the store!  The latest to go on order from manufacturing is the challenge coin that everyone has been asking about for a while.  Well, it is coming!  Pre-order is now up at $6.50 per coin.  I am also working on an order for Hat/Lapel pins, which should also be hitting pre-order status soon!  Pictures will be updated when the proofs come in.


The gift for CIG should be going out this month, hopefully reaching them before Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who threw in a little extra to help fund that!  Your support is greatly appreciated!


I have in my mind a little bit of an ambition to expand what I am doing with this in 2015.  I am thinking about taking the additional award ribbons and medals and instead of making them specifically for Pitchfork, designing and describing them for the Star Citizen community and possibly other games, turning this into a full-fledged (small) business.  I could also open the market to guilds or other organizations and events that want their own ribbons for their members.  This is all still in the concept phase, but I am excited about the possibilities of seeing players with ribbon racks.  Fingers crossed that I can get that to work!

Don't Iron Your Patches (Updated) November 11 2014, 0 Comments

When considering ways to attach your patches to any surface, avoid direct ironing.  I have received a report that some threads (especially the glowing thread on the SAR patch) tend to melt under heat.  I am awaiting clarification on the purpose of the patch backing from the manufacturer, but until then I would advise sewing your patches on or using an independent iron-on stick.

I have worked with products before that are paper on one side and solid glue on the other.  You use it by cutting out the shape of the item you are attaching, iron on the paper side, peel it off, then stick the item onto the hot glue and apply pressure while it cools, usually with a stack of books.  This helps hold it in place for sewing afterwards.

I'll update when I hear back from the manufacturer, but for now my advice is to either sew or wait.  The only recorded instance of melting threads is on the SAR patch, which is the only one with glow-in-the-dark thread.


Update: Just got clarification, the backing is military grade PVC backing designed to protect the patch from shrinking or losing its shape in the laundry.  It is not made for iron-on adherent.  The patches will melt before it does if you try to iron them on.

Patches are in! September 25 2014, 1 Comment

The first wave of patches are in!  The Round Emblem, Heavy Bomber, Recon, and Intel patches are in and shipping!  The rest of the patches have been sent off to manufacturing, and will be sent out when they arrive!  I'm also in the process of getting the additional shirts that I need printed for the CIG gift.  Once those are in, the package will be ready to go!

Patch Update and Gift to CIG September 05 2014, 0 Comments

Patches are coming along well!  Only a week and they are already the top selling item in the store!  Proofs are in for four of them, with a fifth on the way.  Still need some interest in the rest before I feel comfortable ordering them in full quantity.  If they don't get the interest they need, I'll drop the quantity a bit, but keep the price the same.


Also, I'm prepping the gift for CIG Santa Monica, and have put up a 'donation' item in the store for anyone that wants to contribute to that.  You can find that here, and donate however much you feel like!  I'll match 50% of the donations until the gift is fully funded (Shirts, medals, ribbons, and patches for 43 people).


Thanks everyone for the support so far!  Pitchfork store isn't going anywhere but forward!

Patches Available for Pre-Order! August 27 2014, 0 Comments

I've got the price figured out and patches are now up for Pre-order!  Arrival should take two to three weeks.  I am not ordering every patch design right off, though.  I need to see what people want before making any final orders.  I don't want to order a patch and have it not sell at all.  I also did not include the Boarding patch to cut down on the patch count where I could and because we already have a Marines patch.  All patch artwork is creditted to Kon Ellin, AKA Crow who has done an amazing job on the art front for us.  Thanks so much!

Here's hoping the patches go over well!