About Us

Welcome to the Operation Pitchfork Merchandise Store!  OPPF Shirts, Medals, Ribbons, Patches, Challenge Coins, and Lapel Pins are in stock, as well as generic gaming awards.  Orders will be shipped when the merchandise is available, and shipping is available worldwide for all items.  The store has expanded from its initial purpose of offering Operation Pitchfork items, but items with OPPF branding will continue to remain not-for-profit.  Prices cover the cost of merchandise, shipping, and setup fees.  Please see the contact page for how to get ahold of me with questions, comments, or suggestions about the store and the merchandise.

Connect with Operation Pitchfork on our website at www.operationpitchfork.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/OperationPitchfork/, and on the RSI forums!


Commissions are open for anyone who wants to have customized ribbons, medals, patches, coins, pins, whatever for your organization whether it be in Star Citizen, another Sci-Fi, or even another genre.  Any game, any reason, commissions are open!  See the Contact Us page for my contact info.

Thanks for supporting Operation Pitchfork!